HTTP Verbs

draft optional author:melvincarvalho


The HTTP verbs PUT and GET are covered in the NosDAV Core Spec

WebDAV itself specifies more verbs, many of which are not needed

2.1. Required Verbs

These verbs are essential for a functional NosDAV implementation:

GET: Retrieves a resource.
PUT: Updates or creates a new resource.

2.2. Recommended Verbs

These verbs are not required, but their implementation is strongly recommended for a robust and user-friendly NosDAV service:

HEAD: Retrieves metadata of a resource. (Recommended if GET is implemented)
OPTIONS: Describes the communication options for a resource. (Should be implemented, especially with CORS)
POST: Creates a new resource or appends data to an existing resource. (May be implemented for append-only folders)
DELETE: Removes a resource. (Optional)

2.2. Optional Verbs

These verbs are not mandatory but can enhance the functionality should you wish full WebDAV compliance:

PROPFIND: Retrieves properties of a resource. (Not recommended)
COPY: Duplicates a resource. (Not recommended)
MOVE: Moves a resource to a new location. (Not recommended)
LOCK: Applies a lock to a resource. (Not recommended)
UNLOCK: Removes a lock from a resource. (Not recommended)